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Yetho Yetho Music Video “Impressive!”


for Step On / 2 years ago

Over the last week, ‘Yetho Yehto’ was making some huge noise with their breezy first look posters, have to say they managed to create the hype for the music video with well known star cast and a strong crew. The much awaited music video is finally out today, Has the music video met the expectations? Does the video offer something new?

Santhors JP scores the music for this video, the song begins with a nice beat that set the mood of the song which Santhors manages to sustain it through out with the relaxing composition. The beautiful lyrics is penned by Nivetha and the song is sung by Jeyashree.

The highlight of this music video is Desuban’s cinematography and editing. He took the video to a whole new level with the stunning visualisation which over power those minor camera flaws and makes your eyes pop. Well done to the whole camera crew on their amazing work.

The show stealers of this music video is Narvini Dery and Laveen Sinnarajah, they look amazing together on screen. Laveen has grown as an actor the improvement can be seen, its pleasant to see him on screen with Narvini. This time Narvini worked behind and front of the camera as an actor and a director, she never fails to impress us with her amazing screen presence and as a director she has done good job.

Ben Human is the man behind the story and choreography, he has done a good work on this music video.

A Few Things That catch the Eye
– Amazing Art direction by Padma & Siyalda
– lively locations By Mithila
– beautiful costumes by Narivini

Overall, ‘Yetho Yehto’ is an impressive work by our talented artists and have to say you guys nailed it. 

Checkout this video and give your feedback and support to this young amazing team.

Starring: Narvini Dery & Laveen Sinnarajah | Co Artist: Sri & Tharsi | Singer: Jeyashree | Music: Santhors JP | Lyrics: Nivethan | Cinematography & Editing: Desuban | Story & Choreo: Ben Human | Director: Narvini Dery | Assist. Director: Mithila | Scenography: Padma & Siyalda | Production Manager: Mithila

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