Vetti Pasanga Malaysian Tamil Film


for Step On / 3 years ago

Vetti Pasanga is a movie about two good friends, Denes and Karadi (Jacko) living in this 21st Century, and living it full just like any other youngsters or aspiring adolescents. They aspire to be where the limelight is, work for their dough and full flashing life style, but with an exception, full here brings with it a fast life of cheating and deceiving if only to lead the life of the rich and famous, but in this case, a wannabe life of the rich and famous.

“When everything is taken lightly, life becomes so heavy…”

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Cast : Denes Kumar, Sangeetha Krishnasamy, Alvin Martin, David Anthony, Magendran Raman, Shastan Kurup, Thangamani, Dharshaini, Malarvizhi | Direction: Vimala Perumal | Story: Denes Kumar & Vimala Perumal | Screenplay : Vimala Perumal | Prodcued: Denes Kumar

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