Vakra Short Film

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Vakra an upcoming action thriller short film by R Suresh Sabapathy and his team.
The trailer looks great, very fast phase.

Check out the trailer and give your feedback.

Cast & Crews :- Arunbala , Subalakshmi ,Rupa Agarwal, Hamishi, Aanya Menon, R J Auro , Naresh Shanar, Bala Sundar, Satya, SriNath, Ram Prasad Sharma, Muammar A Thangkhiew, Manikanden, Venkat, Imraan, Magesh, Prabha Vijay, Rana Vijay, Vijay Ramalingam, Maurice Sadiche, Mathew Prem Gabriel, Om Prakash

A Film By R Suresh Sabapathy

Editing & VFX :-Short Media Studio – Puducherry

Music Editing And Mixing : Short Media Studio – Puducherry

Produced By :-
Short Media Studio – Puducherry

Our Sincere Thanks to :-

Muthu Forex India Pvt Ltd – Puducherry | Latha Steel House – Puducherry | P.Kumarasamy & Sons – Puducherry | Hotel Athiti – Puducherry | Hotel Corbelli – Puducherry | Hotel Anandha Inn – Puducherry| Hotel Mass – Puducherry | Hotel Royal Park – Puducherry | Park Avenue – Chennai | Bread Basket Restaurant – Puducherry | KFC – Puducherry | DIVA Showroom – Puducherry | Indian Railway | Southern Railway | United Airlines | Volkswagen India

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