Udhungada Sangu POP Cover By Josh Vivian Ft. Varun Parandhaman (NOBB)


for Step On / 3 years ago

Checkout this amazing pop version of Udhungada Sangu by Namma Ooru Boy Band Josh Vivian Ft. Varun Parandhaman, watch the video and give your support and feedback to these extraordinary young talents.

Produced by Andrew Arun | Music Arrangement – Namma Ooru Boy Band (Josh – Varun) | Music Production – Varun Parandhaman | Vocals – Josh Vivian Ft. Varun Parandhaman | Bass & Electric Guitars – Reshwin Nishith | Acoustic Guitars – Josh Vivian | Mixed & Mastered by – Prabhu Emanuel | Cinematography & Editing – C.S Kirruthi Vasan (UNICK LIMELYT)

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