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Thayakkam Music Video

for Step On / 4 years ago

Thayakkam a music video by Blackscreen , the song is penned and sung by Iswaryaa.s , she sung the song so beautifull,she did fine acting too.
Music is by Chris G , he done a fabulous job, the mixing was nicely done by Vernon G Segaram.

Well done to the whole team, the dancer, the cameraman, the editor. They all did their part very well to add life to this fantastic song.

Watch the song as give this great team your feedback.

Music: Chris G | Lyrics/Melody: Iswaryaa S. | Sung by: Iswaryaa S. | Rap(lyrics): 7J | Mixing&Mastering: Vernon G Segaram | Script: Aghalya | Starring: Iswaryaa S., Sudarshan S., Thissi R. | Dancers: Priya, Harshana, Ram |
Cinematography : Jeschan Jeeva | Editing/Cinematography&Direction: Blackscreen

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