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Sathya Mani – Yaarathu Ange Povathu? Music Video


for Step On / 2 years ago

“Yaarathu Ange Povathu?” is breezy song composed by Princeten Charles and Jona Hausig, the song is beautifully sung by  Princeten Charles  and Rita Thiyagarajan. The lyrics for this song is also penned by Sathya Mani and he also featured in the music video along with Natasha Balakrishna.

The highlights of this song are Sri’s flawless cinematography, Pras Lingam’s clean cuts , nicely done direction and Ram Agarathi’s smooth choreography. 

A Few Things That catch the Eye

– The backup dancers Thivakar Arunthavarajah and Rahul Ravi performance
– lively locations 
– Sathya Mani’s performance

Riza Rav has done a great job brining all these talents together to give us a quality music video

Overall “Yaarathu Ange Povathu?”  is an impressive workdone by our talented artists and have to say you guys nailed it. checkout this beautiful music video and give your feedback and support to this young team.

Cast: Sathya Mani , Natasha Balakrishna | Dancers: Thivakar Arunthavarajah, Rahul Ravi | Choreography – Ram Agarathi  | Music – Princeten Charles & Jona Hausig | Lyrics – Sathya Mani | Choreography – Ram Agarathi| Aerial Cinematography – Paul Thava | Cinematography – Sri | Editing – Pras Lingam | Producer – Riza Rav [takeXover Records] | Director – Pras Lingam

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