‘Mississauga’ Othakallu Othakallu Dance Choreo By Zillas


for Step On / 2 years ago

Checkout this fun flawless choreo done by Meshach of GaanaZilla for “Othakallu Othakallu” from “Ambasamuthiram Ambani.

The highlight of this video is Jeya Raveendran the leading choreographer from UK joined hands with GaanaZilla for a special appearance in this video.

Watch the video and give your feedback and support to these young talents all the way from Mississauga, Ontario.

Dancers: Meshach A.| Nisant T.| Soorya K.| Stalon L.| Senduran B.| Jeya R.| Priyanka R.| Athavan A.| Yogis M.| Bharathy V.| Jesi S.

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