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Many of you may have come across this hashtag over the past few weeks and the degree of its usage has exponentially increased during the past week. The majority of you may know what it is but for those of you who are still perplexed by this hashtag, it’s time to put you out of your misery; it is Kutti Hari’s Comedy Night.

Kutti Hari has become a household name in terms of comedians in the tamil independent artists scope. When you think tamil stand-up comedians, Kutti Hari is one of the major players and he has never failed to make an extensive audience laugh when he comes on stage. He began doing little gigs and it is good to see that he has grown to the point of doing his own show.

Dayan Shan, Suthar Jey, Dhodhel Productions and Palan; all of them from different comedic backgrounds came to the show to perform to an audience who arrived with high anticipations; and to say the least they left them in stitches. Dayan and Suthar were Youtube and Facebook comedians, it was our first time seeing them on stage. We were quite impressed by their comedic acts and as usual Dhodhel Productions did a commendable innovative performance; it was definitely unexpected but very entertaining to watch.

There were a number of talented singers among the many comedians; Rachel Rajan, Inno Genga, Nerujan Sehasothy, Diluckshan Jeyaratnam, TeeJay, Mc Sai; all of them did an exceptional performance and blew the audience away. Diluckshan had to be one of the most notable musical performers; he’s a self-established multi-talented soul. He especially exceeded his own potential when he used the looper and made magic happen on stage; he became a one-man band and really left the audience speechless.

It was a night full of laughter and beautiful harmonies; the first of #KHCN definitely overreached expectations. Madhu Aiyaa and Kuruji both very well talented flautists performed melodious compositions and wowed the crowd. It was amazing to see so many other independent artists who came along to show their support and a lots of general audience. There was well over 700 people who came to watch and the tickets were actually sold out.

One additional feature of the show was the one-minute open mic; it was opportunity for upcoming comedians to ‘test waters’ by stepping up to the stage and attempting to make the audience laugh; we had Fazal Hassan who was brave enough to take the mic and he was almost a natural; there was a wave of laughter from the audience after every joke. Kutti Hari later told us that the purpose of the open mic was to get desiring comedians a quick claim to fame; in just a matter of minutes, it took him a number of years before he got his name on the map and he wishes that future tamil stand-up comedians don’t have to go through that journey to get noticed.

There is a well known quote stating “It takes ten years to become an overnight success”. A journey that has now reached its eighth year and Kutti Hari has evaded that rule by proving to us that it can be done way before that time period. Let this be inspiration to many of you; so follow your dreams and passions, whatever they are, academic or artist and you too can become a success in your own sector.

The StepOn team wishes Kutti Hari and all the other comedians well for the future and we hope they can take this show worldwide and can bring us laughter for many more years to come.

Thanks to for organising the show and doing a good job of it. The show was just announced several weeks before and it was astonishing to see it selling out.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, please go and watch it and make sure to give a thumbs up, it really helps.

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