Kanave Kanave The Misconception By Mayilrhythm


for Step On / 2 years ago

Checkout this concept dance choreography Kanave Kanave “The Misconception” by Mayilrhythm, the choreo for this video is nicely done by Ajay .

Api Nesh clean cinematography and editing is one of the highlight of this video and Kowtham’s background score is on point.

Overall Kanave Kanave The Misconception is another quality work given by Mayilrhythm team, checkout the video and give your feedback and support to these talented youngsters.

Cast: Ajay, Api Nesh | Concept: Ajay, Api Nesh | Choreography: Ajay | Background Score: M.Kowtham | Cinematography: Api Nesh | Editing & Direction: Api Nesh  | Label: Mayilrhythm

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