Kaliyuga Manithargal Short Film


for Step On / 3 years ago

Kaliyuga Manithargal a thriller drama Tamil short film which portrays an unimaginable situation created by people which are happening in the modern world for just sake of money. Its a short film with lots of twists and turns by Vijayaraghavan Venkatadri,his screenplay is the highlight of the film.

Well done to Maria Jerald on the BGM and the editor Azhagu Vel for the sharp cuts.

The actors were fantastic too, checkout the film and give your feedback to this young team.

Written, Cinematography & Directed by Vijayaraghavan Venkatadri | Music Composed & Produced by Maria Jerald | Editing & Grading by Azhagu Vel | Audiography by Robin Joseph | Cast: Arould Djody, Rupesh Tamoghna, Girish Madhu, Udhay, Vekkey Simbu, Manjesh Mohan & Niranjan Babu | Associate Director – Saravanan Govindaraj | Assistant Director – Sathyamoorthy S | Art – Manjesh Mohan | Designs – Vijay Manie | Dubbing artists – Gowtham & Jayachandran Rajagopalan | Subtitles – Jayachandran Rajagopalan | Stills – Raghul Gopi | Camera Assistant – Vetri Vel | Location Adviser & Spot Assistant – Vishwanathan

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