INI AVAL ..? Music Video Teaser By AAR Creation


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Ini Aval..? is an upcoming music video by AAR Creation, the music for this song is composed by Kavishankar and the lyrics for this song is penned by NR Dinosh , he also sang the song along with Meera Manohar.

The teaser of Ini Aval..? starts off with Vijay Kannan’s refreshing flute , then its taken over by Dilson Rajan’s beautiful visual, he also done the editing for this music video.

The video is directed by Beno Benedict, he also wrote the story along with Kavishankar.

NR Dinosh, Naveena, Sutharsan and PirrunthanThe are casting in this music video.

Checkout this beautiful teaser of Ini Aval..? and give your feedback and support to this young team.

Music: Kavishankar | Singers: NR Dinosh, Meera Manohar (US) | Lyrics: NR Dinosh | Direction: Beno Benedict | Story: Kavishankar, Beno Benedict | Cast: NR Dinosh, Naveena, Sutharsan, Pirrunthan | D.0.P & Editing: Dilson Rajan | TitelDesign: Mediatime | Flute: Vijay Kannan | Mixing & Mastering(Teaser): Kavishankar | Involved Studios: Sonic Pro Studios(Chennai), Kavishankar Studios

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