Heart Touching Romantic Tamil Love Story || A Short Film || Ilavenil


for Step On / 3 years ago
Ilavenil is a modern romantic tale based on a chance meeting of the wiity Chennaite Adithya Shankar and the vivacious uptown Aishwarya Rajkumar. This date movie will take it’s audiences through a day where Adithya and Aishwarya share their thoughts, beliefs and emotions on love and friendship as they visit together some its city’s iconic hangouts. Bottom line – “Love loves friendship”

Cast & Crew: Ekta Pahalajani, Anu Pahalajani, Santosh Arvind, deepak Kanth Director: Raajaram Panth Music / Sound: Thiyagarajan Subramanian Editor: Kartik Manorama Cinematographer: Actors: Anand Ram, Vishwatha Ganesh
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