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for Step On / 3 years ago

Entheevil Oru Kathal a very nice song well made by the whole team, the most attractive thing about this song is the actors, have to say  their acting really impressed me. 

Main actors M.Thiviya and  S.Vinoth , they have played their role really well, very impressive acting by the lead actor Vinoth.

Well done the whole team of Entheevil Oru Kathal.

Watch the Song and give your Feed back.

Producer :Rajkumar Ranjan | Cast :M.Thiviya  S.Vinoth | Cinematography : T.Piriyanthan | Music :K.Jeyanthan | Lyrics : kavi ahilan | Direction : S.Vinoth | Singers : K.Jeyarooban, K.Piratha | Artist : S.Vinoth , M.Thiviya, K.Jeyanthan , Manikkam jegan , K.Nishali, G.Anujan | Makeup : N.Senthurselvan | Camera Assistance : S.Vinthuyan, M.Sutharsan, N.Banu |cAssistant Director : T.Thavayogan

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